Inspired at Work

Promoting inspired lives, organizations and communities

At Inspired at Work, we believe that creativity, teamwork and high staff morale are critical elements to developing an inspired workforce. Each employee, when acknowledged for their strengths and encouraged to bring these gifts to their job, is energized to fully engage and contribute to the team.

Healthy employees impact the bottom line of your agency's ability to live out your mission and goals. The multiple demands of our lives - childcare, caring for elderly or disabled parents, financial and interpersonal stress - all impact our ability to be at our best on the job. Employers who offer tools and strategies for healthy living empower employees to be at their best – enjoying more life satisfaction, more vitality and being truly inspired at work. 
Inspired at Work can help.  We offer:
  • Customized Trainings for your Employees
  • Wellness Tools for Employees       
  • Supervisor Training and Development
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Physician Training on Shared Decision-Making
  • Training for Primary Care Physicians on Behavioral Healthcare Best Practices
  • Best Practices in Recovery-Oriented Services for Mental Health and Behavioral Health Clinicians
  • Help for Families Providing Care for Elderly and Disabled Loved Ones
  • Organizational Development and Consultation

Behavioral Health/Mental Health Services
Since 2005, Inspired at Work has delivered real tools and strategies designed to enable mental health/behavioral health staff to apply wellness and recovery values when working with individuals who face mental health or co-occurring challenges. Working from a strengths perspective, we build on existing practices within agencies and organizations to assist them in enhancing recovery opportunities for all individuals.

We provide recovery-oriented trainings that focus on the recognition and development of core strengths, creating an inspired life plan, re-envisioning or recapturing life dreams and achievement of personal goals. Inspired at Work trainings promote energy and vitality in the workforce and helps staff re-connect to their passion for their work. Lucinda Dei Rossi and Debra Brasher bring a wealth of experience from more than thirty years in community mental health, executive management, training and education in the development and implementation of wellness and recovery-oriented services. 

Recovery is possible for everyone!

Having a mental health or co-occurring substance abuse diagnosis does not dictate how the story of a life unfolds.

We know what helps an individual on his/her recovery journey:

Someone who believes in him/her

Someone who sees the strengths in each person

Someone who holds the hope when all appears to be lost

People Recover! 

We can help your organization create more opportunities
for recovery to occur.   

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