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Compassion Fatigue

Caring for a parent who is aging, juggling the responsibilities of a young family and fulfilling the demands of an ever-increasing stressful work life can take a tremendous toll.  More and more people are dealing with these combined stressors every day and the impact is profound.

Every day millions of people working in healthcare, emergency services and direct care providers are providing services to people who are suffering and dealing with severe trauma.  Animal workers see the cruelty and suffering of neglected pets and struggle to provide help and care.  

Over time, taking care of others can create the natural consequence of compassion fatigue.  The good news is that there are many things we can do to bounce back more quickly and even prevent it from happening as we continue to offer assistance and help to loved ones, friends or perhaps on the job as a healer/therapist/ helper.  

Do some of these symptoms sound familiar?  Patricia Smith, author of the book “To Weep for a Stranger“(2009), outlines these key symptoms: 

  • Bottled up emotions resulting in outbursts or stuffing emotions
  • Impulse to rescue anyone in need
  • Isolation from others
  • Sadness, apathy
  • Frequent voicing of complaints about management and co-workers
  • Lack of interest in self-care practices
  • Re-occurring nightmares, flashbacks
  • Persistent physical ailments
  • Difficulties concentrating, mentally tired
  • Prone to accidents
  • Debt/financial problems
Inspired at Work offers a workshop that will help you to address Compassion Fatigue and learn how to give yourself the kindness and care that you offer to others.  Participants will:
  • Learn how to determine if you're suffering from Compassion Fatigue
  • Identify your beliefs about helping - how these beliefs may need an adjustment
  • Create Life Balance - your best defense against Compassion Fatigue

Lucinda and Debra are trained Compassion Fatigue Educators, certified by the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology in 2012. Workshops are three hours.  Please contact Inspired at Work for information on fees and scheduling, using the contact form on this website.  

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