Inspired at Work

Our Customers

State and Regional Organizations

  • California Institute for Mental Health
  • California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies
  • Greater Bay Area Mental Health and Education Workforce Collaborative
  • Working Well Together

County Mental Health/Behavioral Health

  • San Mateo
  • Santa Clara
  • Alameda
  • Contra Costa
  • Napa
  • Solano
  • Sonoma
  • San Francisco
  • Mendocino County
  • San Joaquin
  • Sacramento
  • City of Berkeley
  • Tehama
  • Los Angeles

Community-Based Organizations

  • Caminar:  San Mateo, Solano and Butte
  • Coastal Asian Clinic, Los Angeles
  • Bonita House, Oakland

Community Colleges

  • Berkeley City College
  • Riverside Community College
  • Columbia College
  • Modesto Community College
  • Oxnard
  • College of San Mateo

Mental Health Agencies and Other Groups

  • Golden Living Rehabilitation Center
  • Sequoia Counseling Services, Redwood City, CA
  • Bay Area Therapeutic Recreation Association
Customer Feedback

“I have known Debra and Lucinda for many years and have always admired and been inspired by their work, their innovative ideas, their leadership, training and management abilities, and the unquestionable dedication to the creation and implementation of effective programs for adults with serious and persistent emotional and behavioral problems.”

Allen Valcov, Ph.D.

“They have a clear focus on making the mental health system work better for consumers, creating opportunities for employment, education and meaningful roles in the community.”

Betty Dahlquist, MSW, CPRP
Executive Director
California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies

“I learned a lot that is extremely helpful as I continue on my path – almost unafraid, but filled with hope and confidence.”
Participant, WRAP Workshop

“A great tool and I can see how it will be helpful to my client’s and their families.”
Participant, WRAP Workshop

“I will be more understanding about clients who hear voices and will use better interventions to support.”
Participant, Understanding the Voice-Hearing Experience Workshop

“Recovery values and competencies were emphasized in today’s training: I want and intend to share these concepts at my workplace.”
RN, Participant at the Recovery Rally, Santa Clara County

“The most meaningful experience for me was integrating strengths assessment into documentation.  I will use the information as a tool for group supervision.”
Participant, Making Recovery Real, Sacramento 

“I feel very grateful for the experiential learning projects and the workbook that you included with the PowerPoint.  They will be excellent to use.”
Participant, Making Recovery Real, Sacramento

“The clients and staff enjoyed viewing the video that contained eye-opening material, relevant content, and was well designed. Thank youfor sharing this wonderful tool with us for our clients to find comfort in gaining employment while managing their mental health symptoms.”
Newpoint Behavioral Healthcare (Regarding the Paving the Way DVD)

“Thank you for this very positive session and great learning tools.  I appreciated the small group learning opportunities as well.”
Participant, Strengths-Based Clinical Supervision
Bay Area Therapeutic Recreation Association

“Well done – good mix up with activities provided in a comfortable learning environment.  Excellent exercises.  Thank you both.”
Participant, Boundaries and Ethics Workshop
Bay Area Therapeutic Recreation Association




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