Inspired at Work

Philosophy and Mission

The Inspired at Work Mission

To provide best-practice, recovery-oriented trainings for organizations serving individuals with mental health and co-occurring challenges so that each person receiving services has the benefit of an inspired, hope-filled and strengths-based provider.


Inspired at Work believes in the power of each person to create meaningful, inspired lives.  We also believe in the power of organizations to enhance each individual's growth and development through building a culture based on strengths, a vibrant mission and dedication to the health and welfare of everyone in the organization.  This philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:


Each person deserves respect.  Honoring the uniqueness, strengths and wisdom of each individual creates an environment of trust.  Within that space, we learn from each other and grow.  Respect encompasses a deep regard for culture as the ground of being for all persons.


Each person has strengths and gifts which must be brought forth for his/her own fulfillment, but also for the good of the world!  When we elicit and name strengths in one another, we nurture a connection to each individual's best self:  the talents, attributes and skills that are meant to be used and celebrated.


The heart of the matter is accessing one's creative nature.  Any project, any training, any endeavor is enhanced when people bring open-mindedness to the process and are encouraged to think beyond the "usual" parameters.


We are not in this work to be isolated individuals on a path.  The road we travel is broad, with many opportunities to join with others.  Together, we create something larger and more meaningful as a team. 
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