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Current Publications

Click on the link below to view the Working Well Together research report summarizing findings from a statewide survey on current employment and training practices of peers in California and national efforts on certification of peer providers.

Certification of Consumer, Youth, Family and Parent Providers:  A Review of the Research

Click on the link below to view the summary findings from five regional stakeholder meetings regarding  Statewide Peer Provider Certification in California

Certification of Consumer, Youth, Family and Parent Peer Providers:  A Summary of Regional Stakeholder Meeting Findings

Below is the schedule for the upcoming stakeholder meetings on designing the next five-year WET Plan.  It is important for certification to be part of the conversation.  Talking Points are listed here to help you in participating. 

WET Five-Year Plan Community Forum Schedule

Talking Points for OSHPD Regional Stakeholder Meetings on Designing the Next Five-Year WET Plan

Paving the Way

A 23-minute documentary of the process of hiring and integrating consumers and family members entering the mental health workforce. Available free of charge.

Training Consumer and Family Member Employees for the Mental Health Workforce

Inspried at Work developed this 22-module curriculum, providing basic skills training for consumers and family members coming into entry-level positions in mental/behavioral health systems. Click here to access.

Retention and Support of Consumers and Family Members in the Mental Health Workforce

This training curriculum was developed for supervisors new to working with consumer and family member employees. It provides tools and strategies for increasing the success of these important new team members. Click here to access.  
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